The Art of Asphalt: Paving a Path to Perfection

The Art of Asphalt: Paving a Path to Perfection

Welcome to the world of asphalt paving, where every smooth road and professionally lined driveway speaks volumes about precision and dedication. When it comes to transforming bare ground into solid surfaces that stand the test of time, companies like ATLANTIC ASPHALT set the gold standard. As a family-owned and operated business founded in 1980, ATLANTIC ASPHALT has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of quality pavement services in Scranton, Pa. Specializing in both commercial and residential projects, their expertise shines through every meticulously laid layer of asphalt, serving the community with pride and excellence for over four decades.

Benefits of Asphalt Paving

Durability is a key advantage of choosing asphalt for your paving needs. With proper maintenance, asphalt surfaces can last for many years, standing up well to heavy traffic and varying weather conditions.

Another benefit of asphalt paving is its smooth and even surface. This provides a comfortable and safe driving experience for vehicles, as well as a pleasant walking surface for pedestrians. The sleek finish of asphalt also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property.

Cost-effectiveness is a significant factor to consider when opting for asphalt paving. Compared to other paving materials, asphalt is typically more affordable to install and maintain, making it a budget-friendly choice for residential and commercial projects alike.


ATLANTIC ASPHALT, a family-owned and operated company, brings over four decades of experience in the asphalt paving industry. Since 1980, they have been serving the Scranton, Pa area with their expertise in commercial and residential paving projects.

Specializing in residential paving, ATLANTIC ASPHALT’s team of professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to homeowners in Scranton and beyond. Their in-depth knowledge of asphalt paving combined with their commitment to quality ensures that every project is completed to perfection.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, ATLANTIC ASPHALT takes pride in their ability to work closely with clients to understand their needs and exceed their expectations. This personalized approach, along with their years of experience, sets them apart as a trusted and reliable paving company in the region.

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Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Atlantic Asphalt’s mission. We take pride in ensuring that every residential paving project exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to understand each customer’s unique needs and deliver a finished product that not only meets but surpasses their desires.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say about our services: "Atlantic Asphalt truly transformed the look of my driveway. The quality of their work is exceptional, and the attention to detail is evident in the final result. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch residential paving services in Scranton."

At Atlantic Asphalt, our reputation for excellence in residential paving is built on the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and service, ensuring that each project is completed with precision and care. Our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart as the premier choice for all residential paving needs in Scranton and beyond.